What are NoFlame Electronic Cigarettes?


Electronic cigarettes, otherwise known as e-cigs, are a safer and less expensive alternative to regular cigarettes. Not only are e-cigs safer and less expensive than traditional cigarettes, but they are more sociably acceptable and can be smoked in places where regular cigarettes are not allowed. Unlike traditional cigarettes in which a harmful blend of tobacco and chemicals is inhaled, an electronic cigarette smoker inhales a water and nicotine solution that is both tobacco and chemical free.

NoFlame Electronic Cigarette has quickly become the #1 electronic cigarette. The NoFlame Electronic Cigarette is a great alternative to regular cigarettes, and you can get started easily when you purchase our electronic cigarette starter kit. The NoFlame Electronic Cigarette starter kit comes with all the essentials that will make it simple for you to enjoy smoking in an exciting new way. It includes an atomizer with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, wall and USB chargers, seven flavorful nicotine cartridges, hard carrying case, display box, and a 20 page instruction booklet. The NoFlame Electronic Cigarette starter kit comes with all the items you will need to begin enjoying a life free from the burden and expense of real cigarettes.


Unpacking your NoFlame Electronic Cigarette Kit

Your NoFlame Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Kit comes with everything that you need to get started. Your Kit includes:

• 7 Flavored Cartridges (Choice of flavor and strength)
• 1 USB Charger
• 1 Wall Charger
• 1 Designer Display Box
• 1 Soft-Touch Hard Plastic Travel Case
• 1 Full Color Instruction Manual
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Set up your NoFlame Electronic Cigarette

There are 2 parts, the battery and cartridges. Make sure to screw the cartridge into the battery. All that is left to do is puff and make sure to puff a few times to produce maximum vapor.

Keep in mind that there is no need to turn it on or off. The electric cigarette has a built in sensor which activates when you inhale. This means that it is only on when it is actually being inhaled! Plus, you never have to remember to turn it off. If your electronic cigarette is not producing any vapor make sure to check that your cartridge is screwed in tightly. It is possible that the cartridge is running low. Also try replacing the cartridge with another one when the vapor released by your cartridge reduces. This is usually an indication that the nicotine in the cartridge is running out.


NoFlame Electronic Cigarette Battery Life & Recharging

Now that you already know how to set up and replace your starter kit it’s important to make sure your battery is always charged. When the red light at the top of the device starts flashing that indicates that the battery is low and needs to be recharged.

To charge your battery, screw the battery into the usb or wall charger and plug the charger in the outlet. The tip will light up when it is fully charged.

The battery will last for approximately one day with normal use. Make sure your battery is fully charged by charging your battery at night or during the day when not in use.